9 Famous Actors Who Don't Like Being Interviewed

After a 2013 interview went wrong, Jesse Eisenberg disappeared from the media. During the interview series "Say My Name," he clashed with journalist Romina Puga, who felt humiliated by his criticisms and comparisons. This incident garnered public backlash and contributed to Eisenberg's reputation for avoiding interviews.

9. Jesse Eisenberg

Nicholas Cage had quite a streak going of not appearing on talk shows before 2022. It had been 14 years since he had been on late night television when Nicholas Cage came to Jimmy Kim live to talk about "The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent".

8. Nicholas Cage

As far back as 1993 Johnny Depp was talking about how he didn't like talking about his personal life. The global star rarely sits for an interview although he has appeared on the Ellen show a few times. He was the subject of several print articles in 2018 and has stayed rather quiet since the pieces dealt with his reportedly dire financial situation and his divorce from Amber Heard.

7. Johnny Depp

Kristen Stewart has spoken about shying away from interviews due to her anxiety many times. While promoting "Spencer" Stewart sat for a long interview on CBS Sunday Morning. She discussed how she wasn't prepared to deal with the amount of tabloid attention that followed. Since the Twilight, years have passed Stewart has remained private about her personal life and still does not appear often on interviews.

6. Kristen Stewart

Even the powers of Disney could not get Christian Bale back on late-night television. Although the actor will speak for print interviews, Bale's last appearance on a talk show was in the early days he starred along with Matthew McConaughey and Gerard Butler in the 2002 sci-fi fantasy film "Reign of Fire" and went on The Late Late Show with Craig Kilbourne to promote it.

5. Christian Bale

You're definitely more likely to catch Jack Nicholson at a Lakers game than on late night television. The actor will only speak for print media to see him speak on camera you typically have to go back to pieces from the 70s and 80s. Nicholson seemingly took a step back from acting in 2010 so he's living his life even further from the spotlight.

4. Jack Nicholson

Daniel has been known to keep his life exceptionally private, this includes shying away from interviews. He spoke to the guardian in 2008 about his aversion explaining that the public knowing more about actors leads to the audience being distracted when attempting to watch them perform. Even when he announced his retirement from acting in 2017 he did so through a spokesperson.

3. Daniel Day-Lewis

Joaquin Phoenix has made it clear that he dislikes the busy and awkward settings of talk shows. He famously walked out of an interview with the Telegraph when questioned about the potential misinterpretation of his film "Joker." While Phoenix has earned recognition as a gifted actor, his skills as an interviewer have been questionable throughout his career.

2. Joaquin Phoenix

Leonardo DiCaprio, a well-known actor, has stepped back from doing talk show interviews despite his long-standing presence in the media. While he occasionally appears in group settings to promote specific projects, he prefers not to engage in one-on-one interviews. Fans interested in his personal life often have to rely on tabloids for information.

1. Leonardo DiCaprio