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Hikaru Nakamura Net Worth

Hikaru Nakamura – Net Worth, Age, Height, Bio, Birthday, Facts, Wife, Lifestyle & Pictures

Hikaru NakamuraHikaru Nakamura

Quick Facts
Name: Hikaru Nakamura
Profession: Chess Player
Nationality: American & Japanese
Birthday: 09-12-1987
Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius
Age: 36 Years

Learn about Hikaru Nakamura’s Net Worth, Biography, Age, Birthday, Height, Lifestyle, Family, Girlfriends, and Facts.


Hikaru Nakamura was born in Hirakata, Osaka Prefecture, Japan on 9 December 1987. His mother was American and his father was Japanese. He moved to the United States with his family when he was two years old, and his parents divorced a year later in 1990.

In 1992 his elder brother Asuka Nakamura won the National Kindergarten Championship. After that victory, Sunil Weeramantry (FIDE Master and chess author) started coaching chess to the Nakamura brothers, at that time Hikaru was 7 years old.

Carolyn Merrow Nakamura, mother of the Nakamura brothers, and Coach Sunil Weeramantry developed a relationship and got married. Sunil kept coaching the Nakamura brothers as their stepfather.

Here you can find out more about Hikaru Nakamura, including his lifestyle. Let’s explore this Chess Genius to know more about him.

Full Name: Hikaru Nakamura
Name Meaning: Light, Brightness, To Shine
NickName: The H Bomb
Nationality: American & Japanese
Place of Birth: Hirakata, Osaka, Japan
Date of Birth: 9 December 1987
Blood Group: Not Disclosed

Chess Career

Hikaru specializes in rapid and blitz chess, in which players are given less time between moves.

Having beaten Jay Bonin at the Marshall Chess Club at the age of 10, he became the youngest American to defeat an International Master.

The U.S. Chess Federation awarded Nakamura the title of “Chess Master” at the age of 10; when he broke the record set by Vinay Bhat.

Hikaru was awarded the Laura Aspis Prize in 1999, which is awarded annually to the USCF’s top-rated player under the age of 13.

Nakamura became the youngest American grandmaster, breaking Bobby Fischer’s record by three months, at the age of 15 years and 79 days in 2003.

With a partial scholarship, Nakamura enrolled in Dickinson College in 2006, to take a break from chess. Despite being offered a full scholarship to the University of Texas, Dallas, he chose Dickinson College instead.

A grant of $32,000 was presented to Nakamura as the Frank Samford Chess Fellow to further his chess education and competitive career.

Here is the Timeline of his notable achievements:

2005 – Nakamura won the U.S. Chess Championship

2007 – Won the Magistral D’Escacs tournament in Barcelona and the Corsican circuit rapid chess tournament

2008 – Won the Finet Chess960 Open in Mainz, Germany

2009 – Won the Donostia-San Sebastian Chess Festival

2010 – Made his debut at the World Blitz Championship in Moscow and finished in fifth place

2010 – Nakamura finished fourth in the London Chess Classic

2011 – FIDE rating list, Nakamura was ranked number 10 in the world with a rating of 2751

2011 – Became the first American to win the Tata Steel Grandmaster A tournament in Wijk aan Zee since 1980

2012 – Won the US Championship

2015 – Won the Gibraltar Chess Masters tournament

2015 – Won Fourth U.S. Chess Championship

2016 – Won Gibraltar Chess Festival and Zurich Chess Challenge for the second year in a row

2017 Won Gibraltar Chess Festival third time in a row

2018 – Took second place in the Chess.com Speed Chess Championships

2018 – Won The Paris Grand Chess Tour Rapid and Blitz tournament

2018 – Won the St. Louis Rapid & Blitz tournament

2018 – Won the Grand Chess Tour

2019 – Won his fifth U.S. Chess Championship

2019 – Won the Bullet Chess Championship

2019 – Won Champions Showdown: Chess 9LX

2020 – Became top-ranked blitz chess player in the world

2020 – Won the Chess.com Speed Chess Championship

Net Worth

He is a very popular and talented Chess Player from America. Won so many awards and Prizes in his career and different brands and companies approach him for marketing as he is a celebrity now.

According to different credible sources, Hikaru Nakamura’s Net Worth is estimated at $51 Million.

Net Worth: $51 Million

Height & Weight

Hikaru Nakamura is 5 Feet 6 Inches Tall and his weight is around 71 Kg (157 Pounds).

Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Black
Weight: 71 Kg (157 lbs)
Height: 5 Feet 6 Inches

Family & Relationships

His father’s name is Shuichi Nakamura and his mother’s name is Carolyn Merrow Nakamura. They later had a divorce and Carolyn married Sunil Weeramantry from Sri Lanka. He has an elder brother Asuka Nakamura.

Hikaru Nakamura is Single and not dating anyone (As of 2024). According to our reports, he previously had a relationship with Maria De Rosa (Chess Player).

We are trying to find more information about his relationships and will update you here.

Father: Shuichi Nakamura
Mother: Carolyn Merrow Nakamura
Stepfather: Sunil Weeramantry
Siblings: Asuka Nakamura
Relationship Status: Single
Ex-Girlfriend: Maria De Rosa

Charity Work

Hikaru Nakamura likes doing charity work and has raised charity money so many times in his life.


How old is Hikaru Nakamura?

9 December 1987 is his Date of Birth, so now he is 36 Years old.

Who is Hikaru Nakamura dating now?

He is not dating anyone right now but he had a girlfriend in past.

What is the Net Worth of Hikaru Nakamura?

His Net Worth is estimated at $51 Million by different credible sources online.

Is Hikaru Nakamura Married?

No, he is not married (As of 2024) and he has not shared any detail about his future wife.

What is Hikaru Nakamura’s zodiac sign?

His horoscope is Sagittarius since he was born on 9 December.

Is Hikaru Nakamura Dead or Alive?

He is alive and very healthy.

Why is Hikaru Nakamura Famous?

He is a very popular and talented Chess Player from America. Won so many competitions and broke many records in his career.

What is Hikaru Nakamura’s IQ?

Hikaru Nakamura famously took the Mensa online IQ test and scored a very average 102.

Does Hikaru Nakamura have a wife?

No, He is not married yet.

What rank is Hikaru Nakamura?

He currently ranks No. 18 in the recent FIDE Ratings and Number 1 in the United States Chess Rankings.

Why is Hikaru Nakamura so rich?

He is a very popular and talented American Chess Player. Won so many awards and Prizes in his career and different brands and companies approach him for marketing as he is a celebrity now.

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