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Laura Clery Net Worth

Laura Clery – Net Worth, Age, Height, Bio, Birthday, Facts, Husband, Lifestyle & Pictures

Laura CleryLaura Clery

Quick Facts
Name: Laura Clery
Profession: Actress and Comedian
Nationality: American
Birthday: 22-07-1986
Zodiac Sign: Cancer
Age: 37 Years

Learn about Laura Clery’s Net Worth, Biography, Age, Birthday, Height, Lifestyle, Family, Career, and Facts.

Laura Clery’s Biography:

Laura Clery was born on July 22, 1986, in Downers Grove, Illinois, USA. She wanted to be an actress from an early age. Following her dream, she came to Los Angeles soon after her high school graduation. She started her acting career but it was her social media that gained her much attention and made her a well-known celebrity.

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Full Name: Laura Clery
Name Meaning: “Laurel plant”
Nationality: American
Place of Birth: Downers Grove, Illinois, US
Date of Birth: July 22, 1986
Blood Group: Not Disclosed
Qualification: High School Graduate
Known As/For: Her comedy sketch posts on social media

Laura Clery’s Career:

When she arrived in Los Angeles, she became a part of a commercial but later on, she got to work on several other projects. In 2006, she appeared in ‘Til Death’ alongside Brad Garrett. Her next role was in a web series called “Hungry” in 2013. The show was about two models who aged out of their profession and them figuring out what they wanted to do with their lives. The next year, she starred in “The Longest Week”.

She got famous on the internet after she posted her ‘trying to flirt’ videos. She has almost 7 million followers on her social media accounts and two billion views.

Facts About Laura Clery:

  • She is an animal rescuer.
  • She loves content creation and characters.
  • She resides in Los Angeles with her husband and kids.
  • Her first book is called “Idiot: Life Stories”.
  • She has over 3 million followers on her Instagram account.

Laura Clery’s Net Worth:

Her estimated net worth in 2022 is 4.5 million dollars. She has earned money through her social media influence. She has millions of followers combined and three million followers on Facebook alone. She also has an enormous viewership and a total of 2 billion views. As an influencer, she receives many sponsorships through social media and promotes several brands to earn money. She has also worked as an actress.

Net Worth: $4.5 Million

Laura Clery’s Height & Weight:

She is 5 feet, 6 inches tall, and weighs 55 kgs.

Hair Color: Blonde
Eye Color: Green
Weight: 55 kgs
Height: 5 Feet 6 Inches

Laura Clery’s Family & Relationships:

She was raised by her parents, however not much is known about them. She is married to Stephen Hilton and has two children named Alfred Sound Hilton and Penelope Marilyn Hilton.

We are trying to find more information about her relationships and will update you here.

Parents: Not Disclosed
Siblings: Not Disclosed
Spouse: Stephen Hilton
Son: Alfred Hilton
Daughter: Penelope Hilton
Relationship Status: Married


Why is Laura Clery famous?

Laura Clery is a famous actress, comedian, and internet personality. She has gained much media attention through her comedy sketch posts.

Who is Laura Clery’s husband?

Her husband is Stephen Hilton who is a digital influencer and a record producer. They have been married since 2012 and have two kids.

What is Laura Clery’s net worth?

Her estimated net worth is 4.5 million dollars. She has made money through her acting career and her social media influence.

How did Stephen and Clery meet?

Stephen and Laura met at a party. Laura revealed in an interview that she went to him and talked first.

What is Laura’s new baby girl?

Her little girl was born in 2021. She named her Penelope Hilton and her nickname Poppy Hilton.

How old is Laura Clery Today?

July 22, 1986 is her Date of Birth, so now she is 37 Years old.

Who is Laura Clery dating now?

Laura isn’t dating anyone. She is married to Stephen Hilton, with whom she has 2 kids named Alfred and Penelope Hilton.

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