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Nick SabanNick Saban

Quick Facts
Name: Nick Saban
Profession: Football Coach
Nationality: American
Birthday: 31-10-1951
Zodiac Sign: Scorpio
Age: 72 Years

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Nick Saban was born on October 31, 1951, in Fairmont, West Virginia, United States. He graduated from Monongah High School. He played on the West Virginia state championship team in 1968 as a quarterback. He received a Bachelor’s degree in business from Kent State University and later completed a Master in sports administration from Kent State University.

He became a graduate assistant while he was waiting for his wife to graduate and later became an assistant coach in NCAA Division I-A.

Full Name: Nicholas Lou Saban Jr.
Name Meaning: “Victory of the People”
Nationality: American
Place of Birth: Fairmont, West Virginia, United States
Date of Birth: October 31, 1951
Blood Group: Not Disclosed
Qualification: Master’s in Sports Administration from Kent State University
Known As/For: Known as a university football coach and as a head coach for NFL’s team Miami Dolphins


From 1977 to 1987, he coached on the school level in many schools including West Virginia, Ohio State, and Michigan State. Later, he was hired as the coach for Houston Oilers in the NFL. In 1989, he became a head coach at the University of Toledo. The team played well under his training in 1990. After playing for one season, he resigned from the team and became a defensive coordinator for the Cleveland Browns. He stayed on that team for four seasons, which he described were the worst. Before the 1995 season, he became a head coach at Michigan State. He improved the team’s performance moderately and the Spartans also scored their most number of wins for a season. He then joined the LSU team as a head coach in 1999 and started coaching seasons in the year 2000.

He made the team win many victories including SEC Championship and a Sugar Bowl victory. He made them win the Sugar Bowl which they last won in 1968. After coaching the team for four years, he left the team after the 2004 season and started coaching the Miami Dolphins. He became their sixth head coach. The team performed well in the 2005 season but was a huge disappointment in the next season. But later on, they played better and won over the unbeatable team of the Chicago Bears. The team also made it to the super bowl that year. In 2006, there were rumors that he was joining the University of Alabama team as their coach but he denied any such news.

In 2007, he confirmed that he had accepted the offer and became their coach with an eight-year contract becoming one of the highest-paid coaches in the United States. His team made more points than any other team in the season in his first season of 2007. He led his team and made it undefeated in the 2008 season and was called “The Most Powerful Coach in Sports” by Forbes Magazine. He also received many awards for his performance in the season. The team kept shining in the next season of 2009.

They won the National Championship over the Texas Longhorns. The team was chosen as the Number.1 preseason team by the AP and Coaches Poll. In the 2010 season, the University of Alabama’s football team also made its 800th victory. Before the next season began, their team was ranked number 2 in America. They destroyed many teams during the 2011 season. He became the first coach to win three BCS championships that year and in the 2012 season, he won his fourth National Championship win.

The Crimsons kept defeating some of the biggest teams in the 2013 season but unfortunately lost to the Oklahoma team in the Sugar Bowl. Saban won his 5th SEC title in 2014. The Crimsons received their lowest preseason ranking since 2009 in the 2015 season. But the same year, they ended up winning their 16th national title. In the 2016 season, the team won for the 10th consecutive time against Arkansas. In 2017, Saban tied with Bear Bryant for most of all time in the poll era. They won the Orange Ball in 2018 which was their first win since 1966. Alabama got its 13th consecutive win against Arkansas in 2019 and ended up ranked thirteenth in the final College Football Playoff rankings. Due to the Covid-19 Pandemic in 2020, the season was cut to an all-conference. The same year, the team appeared and won for the first time since 1946 in the Rose Bowl.

Saban extended his contract with the team which ends in 2028.


  • In 2011, his bronze statue was displayed at the 2011 A-Day spring game.
  • He is a Catholic.
  • He is of Croatian heritage.
  • He has a vacation house on Lake Burton in northeast Georgia.
  • He belongs to the Don James coaching tree.

Net Worth:

His estimated net worth is 60 million dollars. He has earned all of his money through his coaching career. He signed a 32 million dollars contract with the University of Alabama team which made him one of the highest-paid coaches in the entire country and recently renewed his contract with the same team. He has also coached on various other college and NFL teams and has earned money from those team contracts as well.

Net Worth: $60 Million

Height & Weight:

He is 5 feet, 6 inches tall, and weighs 67 kg.

Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Brown
Weight: 67 kgs
Height: 5 Feet 6 Inches

Family & Relationships:

His parents are Mary Saban and Nick Saban Sr. He has a sister named Dianna. He got married to Terry Saban in 1971 and has two children with her named Kristen Saban and Nicholas Saban.

We are trying to find more information about his relationships and will update you here.

Father: Nick Saban Sr.
Mother: Mary Saban
Sister: Dianna Thompson
Spouse: Terry Saban
Son: Nicholas Saban
Daughter: Kristen Saban
Relationship Status: Married


Why is Nick Saban famous?

Nick Saban is an American football coach. He has been a head coach in the NFL and has been a coach at the University of Alabama since 2007.

Who is Nick Saban married to?

He is married to Terry Saban. The couple has been married since 1971.

How much money does Nick Saban earn?

Nick Saban has an estimated net worth of 60 million dollars. He earns approximately 9 million dollars as a coach.

Is Nick Saban retiring?

No, Nick Saban isn’t retiring anytime soon. He still coaches for the football team of Alabama University and renewed his contract with the team which expires in 2028.

Has Nick Saban lost games in a row?

Nick never lost two consecutive games since he joined the Alabama team in 2007. But unfortunately, he lost two times consecutively in 2013.

How many times has Nick Saban lost to Urban Meyer?

Two of the coaches are highly competitive. They have faced each other three times. Saban holds a 2-1 record against Meyer.

How many championships has Nick Saban won?

Nick has won seven titles as a head coach. He holds a record to win most of them as a head coach.

Why did Saban leave the NFL?

He left the NFL after quarterback Drew Brees withdrew and was interested in the position of head coach. He joined the Alabama team in 2007.

How old is Nick Saban Today?

October 31, 1951 is his Date of Birth, so now he is 72 Years old.

Who is Nick Saban dating?

Nick isn’t dating anyone right now. He is married to Terry Saban and has two kids with her.

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