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Paul McBeth Net Worth

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Paul McBeth GolferPaul McBeth

Quick Facts
Name: Paul McBeth
Profession: Disc Golfer
Nationality: American
Birthday: 07-09-1990
Zodiac Sign: Cancer
Age: 33 Years

Learn about famous disc golfer Paul McBeth. His Net Worth, Biography, Career, Wife, House, Age, Birthday, Height, Lifestyle, Relationships, Family, Partner, and Facts.


Paul McBeth (Pablo Paul McBeth) is a skilled disc golfer who has gained reputable titles for his brilliant performances on the field. He was born on July 9, 1990, in Huntington Beach, California, United States. He got his early education from Huntington Beach high school and further went to Gold West College. He spent his childhood having fun at the beaches and practicing baseball for which his grandpa was a huge influence. He had huge goals in sports and he is currently fulfilling them brightly. He is known among the 5 top disc golfers.

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Full Name: Pablo Paul McBeth
Name Meaning: “Paul” means humble & McBeth means “son of religion”
Known For: Winning the PDGA World Championships 5 times
Qualification: Graduation
Place of Birth: Huntington Beach, California, US
Date of Birth: 9 July, 1990
Blood Group: Not Disclosed


McBeth was always enthusiastic about his career and the fact reflects itself! During the span of 2005 to 2018, Innova Championship Disc backed Paul McBeth by sponsoring him. In 2019, the player disclosed his agreement with Discraft (Working as a disc sports brand since 1978).

McBeth participated in his initial professional event in 2006, however, his professional career actually started in 2008, he played 29 professional events that year. He won the National Tour Series Champion for 5 years in a row (2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2017), and in 2013, 2014, and 2015 he was awarded the “PDGA Male of the Year”.

His incredible throws and confidence on the ground are an inspiration for future golfers. As of now, Paul McBeth is known to have a total of 111 wins out of which, 20 National tours, 5 World Championships, and 11 Majors are also included.


  • In the industry of disc sports, Paul McBeth is currently named as the highest-paid athletes
  • McBeth won the PGDA World Championship 4 times in a row.
  • He has won a Grand Slam, Disc Golf, and the United States Disc Gold Championship.
  • Paul McBeth held the record of having the most PDGA rating and broke it himself.
  • He won the ‘PDGA Male Player Of The Year’ three years in a row.

Net Worth

Having a healthy fan following, he has won the hearts of disc golf enthusiasts all around the world. The player earned $11,852 during his initial year as a professional disc golf player. According to our research, by signing contracts with new brands, and being active in sponsorship deals, Paul McBeth has a net worth of about $5.4 million.

Net Worth: $5.4 Million

Height & Weight

Paul McBeth is known to stand at a height of 5 ft and 8 in (173 cm) and he weighs about 74 kilograms.

Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Brown
Weight: 163 lbs (74 kg)
Height: 5 ft. 8 inches

Family & Relationships

Paul McBeth is married to his wife Hannah McBeth. The couple tied the knot on the 30th of December, 2018 after Paul proposed to her in April 2017. As of now, they don’t have children.

There is not much known about the parents of Paul McBeth, however, he disclosed in an interview that he has two younger brothers named Jon McBeth and Adam McBeth. There is not much information about his parents. We are trying to find more information about his family members and will update you here.

Relationship Status: Married
Wife/Spouse: Hannah McBeth
Children: None
Brothers: Jon McBeth
Adam McBeth


How far can Paul McBeth throw?

Paul McBeth has thrown an outstanding Discraft Zeus at about over 182 meters which is like 600 feet. This throw was recorded and admired as one of the most incredible throws in golf.

What putter Does Paul McBeth use?

Paul McBeth is known to use the latest Luna, a putter which was designed start to finish with Paul McBeth. The putter is known to be extremely durable and offers a wide amount of features.

Who is Paul McBeth dating now?

Paul McBeth is married to his wife, Hannah McBeth whom he tied a knot on 30th December 2018.

Why is Paul McBeth famous?

Paul McBeth is famous for always leaving his crowd shocked by his beautiful performances on the field. He has won 5 PDGA World Championships, 11 majors, and 20 National tour events, and these are just included in his total of 111 wins. The player is hyped up for his participation in sponsorships and brand endorsements as well.

How much does Paul McBeth make?

He is a very famous Disc Golfer. After winning the PDGA World Championships his popularity touched new heights. He earns a good amount of money and his Net Worth in 2022 is reported at around $5.4 Million.

How old is Paul McBeth?

Chris was born on July 9, 1990 and he is now 33 Years old.

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