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Kathy Hilton Net Worth

Kathy Hilton – Net Worth, Age, Height, Bio, Birthday, Facts, Husband, Lifestyle & Pictures

Kathy HiltonKathy Hilton

Quick Facts
Name: Kathy Hilton
Profession: Actress & Philanthropist
Nationality: American
Birthday: 13-03-1959
Zodiac Sign: Pisces
Age: 65 Years

Learn about Kathy Hilton’s Net Worth, Biography, Age, Birthday, Height, Lifestyle, Family, Career, and Facts.


Kathy Hilton was born on March 13, 1959, in New York, United States. She is of Italian and Irish descent. She studied at the Montclair College Preparatory School in Los Angeles. She became an actress at an early age working as a child star on television. She later became a businesswoman and a socialite. She is also known for her philanthropy.

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Full Name: Kathleen Elizabeth Hilton
Name Meaning: “Pure”
Nationality: American
Place of Birth: New York City, U.S.
Date of Birth: March 13, 1959
Blood Group: Not Disclosed
Qualification: Graduated from Montclair College Preparatory School
Known As/For: Mother of Paris Hilton and half-sister of actresses Kim and Kyle Richards


She acted in tv shows like “Nanny and the Professor”, “Bewitched”, “Family Affair”, “Happy Days”, “The Rockford Files”, movies like “The Dark” and “On the Air Live with Captain Midnight”, and made a cameo in “The Young and the Restless”. She also hosted a show on NBC in 2005 called “I Want To Be a Hilton” and in 2011 she appeared on “The World According to Paris”. In 2020, it was announced that she would appear on the show “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” and it was well-received by the audience.

She is also a businesswoman and has her gift and antique store called “The Staircase on Sunset”. Her other businesses include a merchandise line and a skincare line. In 2008, she released a perfume called “My Secret”. She worked as a designer and designed party dresses that sold in four hundred stores worldwide.


  • She along with her daughters modeled for Valentino and was shot by Vogue magazine in 2021.
  • She is a philanthropist and worked for the Make-A-Wish Foundation in 2007.
  • In 2011, she received an award from Starlight Children’s Foundation.
  • She lives in Bel Air, Los Angeles with her family.
  • She appeared in the show “Cooking with Paris” as a guest in 2021.

Net Worth:

Her estimated net worth is 350 million dollars. She earned money from her business ventures. She benefits from the merchandise sales and has her skincare line. She has also launched her perfume and works as a designer. She designs party dresses which are being sold in four hundred stores including some of the biggest stores like Neiman Marcus, Saks Fifth Avenue, and Nordstrom. She has also made television and film appearances and earned from there as well.

Net Worth: $350 Million

Height & Weight:

She is 5 feet, 6 inches tall, and weighs 59 kgs.

Hair Color: Blonde
Eye Color: Green
Weight: 59 kgs
Height: 5 Feet 6 Inches

Family & Relationships:

Her parents are Kathleen Mary and Larry Avanzino. Her parents got divorced and she has three half-siblings from her mother’s husband. She has two maternal half-sisters named Kim and Kyle Richards. She also has five parental half-siblings.

She is married to Richard Hilton whom she got married to in 1979. The couple has four children who are Paris Hilton, Nicky Hilton, Barron Nicholas Hilton II, and Conrad Hughes Hilton III. She has two grandchildren her daughter Nicky named Lily Grace Victoria Rothschild and Teddy Marilyn Rothschild. She has a granddaughter from her son named Milou Alizée Hilton.

We are trying to find more information about her relationships and will update you here.

Father: Larry Avanzino
Mother: Kathleen Mary
Siblings: Kim and Kyle Richards (Maternal Half-Siblings), 5 Paternal Half-Siblings
Spouse: Richard Hilton
Sons: Barron Nicholas Hilton II, Conrad Hughes Hilton III
Daughters: Paris Hilton, Nicky Hilton Rothschild
Relationship Status: Married


Why is Kathy Hilton famous?

Kathy Hilton is an American socialite, actress, philanthropist, and designer. She is known for her appearances in television shows and films. She is also known as the mother of Paris Hilton.

Who is Kathy Hilton married to?

Kathy is married to Richard Hilton. The two got married in 1979.

How much money does Kathy Hilton earn?

Kathy Hilton earns approximately 2-4 million dollars every month and nearly 49 million dollars per year. Her estimated net worth is 350 million dollars.

Why do Kathy and Kyle not speak?

Kathy explained on a show that she isn’t on good terms with her half-sister. She further revealed that she hadn’t talked to her for six months.

How is Kathy related to Kim Richard?

Kathy and Kim have the same mother. They are half-sisters.

How did Kathy and Rick Hilton meet?

She met Rick at a party when she was only 15 years old. The two got married five years later when she was 20.

Do Kyle and Kathy share the same father?

No, the two share the same mother. Kyle and her sister Kim share the same father.

Is Kathy Hilton still married?

Yes, Kathy Hilton is still married to Rick Hilton. The two got married in 1979 and are still together.

How old is Kathy Hilton Today?

March 13, 1959 is her Date of Birth, so now she is 65 Years old.

Who is Kathy Hilton dating?

Kathy isn’t dating anyone right now. She has been married to Richard Hilton since 1979.

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