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Zach King Net Worth

Zach King – Net Worth, Age, Height, Bio, Birthday, Facts, Wife, Girlfriend, Lifestyle & Pictures

Zach KingZach King

Quick Facts
Name: Zach King
Profession: Magician, Illusionist, Youtuber, TikToker
Nationality: American
Birthday: 04-02-1990
Zodiac Sign: Aquarius
Age: 34 Years

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Zach King was born on February 4, 1990, in Portland, Oregon, U.S. He is half Chinese, a quarter Austrian, and a quarter Nicaraguan from both of his parents’ sides. He made his first film when he was only 7 years old. He brought other professional equipment for filmmaking and editing when he turned 14. He completed his major in Cinema and Media Arts degree from Biola University.

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Full Name: Zach King
Name Meaning: “God Has Remembered”
Nationality: American
Place of Birth: Portland, Oregon, United States
Date of Birth: February 4, 1990
Blood Group: Not Disclosed
Qualification: Major in Cinema and Media Arts from Biola University
Known As/For: He is known for his “Magic Vines”


He started his website in 2008, to train others for using the editor Final Cut Pro. His website was named He also started a YouTube channel, where he taught how to make visual effects using the software. He sold the training seminars and that is how he paid for college. In 2012, he participated in an episode of Viral Video Showdown. In 2019, he appeared in a video in which he was flying magically on a broom that went viral. The video received 2.1 billion views on TikTok in just four days.

His YouTube video which he uploaded in 2011 got 1 million views in 3 days and later received 18 million views. The video was called “Jedi Kittens” and he made it with his friend. He made two sequels of this video called “Jedi Kittens Strike Back”, and “Jedi Kittens – The Force Awakens”. They both received 27 and 28 million views respectively. In 2013, he joined a new app called Vine on which he made a few successful videos. He was a guest at Ellen DeGeneres Show where he made Vines with her crew. He received much praise and appreciation for his Vine videos.

He uploaded his first video on TikTok in 2016. His 2019 magic broomstick video was the most viewed TikTok video. He is the third most followed TikToker in 2021 with 66.3 million followers.


  • He has almost 15.2 million subscribers and 1.19 billion views within 350 videos.
  • He revealed that it takes him 24 hours to make a vine with 3 to 4 hours of filming.
  • He voice-acted for the 2016 film “Zootopia” of a Muzzled Wolf.
  • He converted to Christianity and often preaches about religion in his videos.
  • He and his wife participated in the 28th season of the show “The Amazing Race”.

Net Worth:

His estimated net worth in 2023 is 3.9 million dollars. He is a really popular content creator which gets him maximum money from social applications. He has 11 million followers on YouTube and received 35,000 dollars for the “Next Up Creators contest” by YouTube and a free trip to New York City for the competition camp. He is also one of the most followed TikToker and gets paid handsomely from that platform as well.

Net Worth: $3.9 Million

Height & Weight:

He is 6 feet tall and weighs 80 kgs.

Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Brown
Weight: 80 kgs
Height: 6 Feet

Family & Relationships:

He was born to his mother Marissa King who homeschooled him when he was a child. His father worked in a home office. He has three siblings named Annie, Megan, and Katie King. Katie is his adopted sister.

He married Rachel Holm in 2014 with whom he has a son named Liam Michael King and also has another adopted son, Mason King.

We are trying to find more information about his relationships and will update you here.

Father: Not Disclosed
Mother: Marissa King
Sisters: Annie King, Megan King, Katie King (adapted)
Spouse: Rachel King
Sons: Mason King (adopted), Liam Michael King
Relationship Status: Married


Why is Zach King famous?

Zach King is a famous filmmaker, illusionist, and internet personality. He is mostly known for his six seconds magic videos that are edited in a way in which it seems like he is doing magic.

Who is  Zach King’s wife?

Zack married Rachel King in 2014. They have two sons out of whom one is adopted.

What is  Zach King’s net worth?

Zach King’s estimated net worth is 3.9 million dollars. His internet content and filmmaking are what helped him earn money.

Is Zach King Chinese?

Zach is of Chinese descent from his paternal side. He was born and raised in America.

Is Zach King a real magician?

No, Zach’s videos are simply created through good editing. He isn’t a magician and has never done magic tricks.

Where is Zach King now?

Zach is making content on YouTube as well as TikTok. He is one of the biggest content creators on both of these platforms.

When did Zach King start?

Zach has been using TikTok since 2016, YouTube since 2008, and Vine since 2013. He is highly successful on all of these platforms.

How old is Zach King Today?

February 04, 1990 is his Date of Birth, so now he is 34 Years old.

Who is Zach King dating now?

Zach King isn’t dating anyone. He has been married to Rachel King since 2014.

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